UVA vs UVB Rays | How Should I Tan?

How do you decide which bed to use, how long to tan, and when to start tanning if you're planning a big trip and you rarely find yourself in a tanning salon? Knowing the difference between UVA and UVB Rays can make all the difference. UVB Rays (Before) • All About Building Your Tan. • Builds Up Melanin, which can prevent future burning. • Are More Likely To Burn Your Skin if you take on too much at one time. • Are Imperative for Building a Lasting Tan. UVA Rays (After) • Show Better Results Following A Base (UVB) Tan. • Pulls More Pigment Out of the Already Built Melanin in your skin. So let the "B" in UVB stand for "before" and the "A" in UVA for "after" if you want the ultimate tanning exp

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