• Dani Aeschlimann

Benefits Of Getting A Professional Facial Regularly

Seeing an esthetician regularly is just as important as seeing your doctor, dentist, or even your personal trainer. Our skin is our body's biggest organ, so we need to keep it looking and feeling healthy. Getting a facial on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for your skin. A facial is so much more than a relaxing day at the spa, which, let's face it, we all deserve, but it is also very beneficial for your health. Getting a professional level of exfoliation helps heal blemishes, reduce fine lines, even skin texture, and can lighten dark spots. As we age, our cell turnover rate slows down, but exfoliation helps speed up the cell renewal process while revealing bright, youthful looking skin. Exfoliation can be mechanical or chemical. There are different levels, and your esthetician can determine what is best for you. She--or he--can even put you on a series of peels that would best benefit your specific needs.

Another great thing about having an esthetician is that after analyzing your skin and determining your skin type and/or skin conditions, they can recommend professional skincare. I have so many clients that come in for the first time and are using products that aren't for their specific skin type and are wondering why they have all these skin issues. Sometimes the solution is as simple as changing their at-home skin care to the correct regimen for their skin type. And who actually knows how to do extractions correctly…nobody! Leave it to the experts that know what they are doing, and let's face it, probably take pleasure in doing it. Not only do we know what we are doing but we are looking through a magnifying lamp and can see every blemish, black head, milia and so on.

Now, let's get to the benefits of the massage portion of the facial…yes there are benefits beyond relaxation, and this is always my clients' favorite part. The movements I use in the massage help with lymph drainage, which can help with sinus pressure or congestion you may have from a cold or sinus infection. The massage also helps with circulation and tightening of the skin, and who doesn't want a little bit of tightening?!

I could go on and on about the benefits of receiving a facial from a licensed esthetician, but the only way for you to truly know is to experience one yourself. Schedule your free consultation with me below, or even better, a custom blend 60 minute spa facial, where I will do a skin analysis, extractions if needed, and use products that are best for your skin type.

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