Our Policies

Clients of Hawaiian Sun & Subscribers to the Hawaiian Sun Newsletter are used specifically for sharing the contents of most recently posted blogs, monthly specials, & any upcoming events. Your email addresses and/or phone numbers will not be provided to any third parties, for any reason. 

Hawaiian Sun is a locally owned Coeur d'Alene company, owned & operated by Dani Aeschlimann. Any questions concerning this company need to be submitted to Dani directly at HawaiianSunCDA@gmail.com.

Products & services supported & provided by this company & Dani Aeschlimann, are supported & provided based on the specific belief in that product or service. Any opinion provided for these products & services will be honest in belief, findings, experiences, etc. 

This company, & the partnerships surrounding it, are companies of integrity. Any & all marketing material will be clearly identified. 

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