Leg Tanning | 8

Have your work slacks limited you from getting sun on your legs? Get prepared to show off your beautiful legs with our leg tanning bed to get all of you matching. 

UVB Base Building | 11

If you love to tan, come use our UVB Base Building Tanning Bed. This is an affordable tanning option that will give you that much needed vitamin D. 

Stand Up (Level 2 Bed) | 16

Introducing our new stand up SunDash tanning bed. With over 6.5 feet of pro-performance tanning power, enjoy a beautifully even, full-body tan in just 12 minutes.

High Pressure (Level 5 Bed) | 35

Our High Pressure Tanning Bed is the absolute best option for a fast, long-lasting tan. You will see the color difference immediately because this Level 5 bed only requires three sessions, compared to the 10 to 15 visits using a conventional tanning bed. 

VersaSpa / Spray Tanning | 25

Bronze, hydrate & smooth fine lines with this amazing spray tan by VersaSpa. Wide open interior design, Eazy-Breathe Purification System & Comfort Dry Technology await you. 

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Leg Tanning

UVB Base Building

Stand Up (Level 2)

High Pressure (Level 5)

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Spray Tanning Auto Pay 

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